Colorado Sapcon semiconductor is a vertically integrated professional power semiconductor group co., LTD. The company was founded in 1996, and passed the ISO 9001/14001, 16949 quality certification, etc. Since its inception, has been with the firm s innovation research and sustainable development of faith, and with its advanced technology, stable chip manufacturing platform and a strong production capacity, on the basis of the chip and technology develop, are prompting products
more market competitiveness, has developed a variety of semiconductor discrete devices, products mainly used in high voltage power and the structure of the special device products field, in the United States has the most advanced technology of power line, is to meet the needs of domestic and international famous brand enterprise one of the largest components suppliers. Colorado Sapcon group for customers to build the core value of diversified products: variety, high quality, large scale, low cost, design innovation, quality service. To provide customers with one-stop shopping and